Virtual: Return to the River 2020 w/ Friends of the LA River



  • Instructor Friends of the LA River

We invite you to engage with FoLAR's Return to the River 2020, an online celebration of the River Movement and the attractions that continue to bring Angelenos to the River's edge. Return to the River will bring people to the River's banks as a virtual introduction to the River, FoLAR's principles, and all that's possible when we steward urban wild spaces together. This year, circumstances have allowed FoLAR to dream bigger by broadcasting all month to a wider audience through digital channels to showcase our year-round work advancing park equity, educating the next generation of River Stewards and rewilding the LA River. All events will culminate into a reimagined Noche del Rio Event on October 23rd - an evening soiree that you will not want to miss! Taking inspiration from FoLAR's late poet-founder Lewis MacAdams, FoLAR will be joining together efforts on behalf of community, environment, art, and equity to rally behind a unique heritage and promising, inclusive future.

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    This is an online/virtual event, not an exact location. Please do not go to these coordinates.