National Public Lands Day 2020



  • Instructor Mountains to Sound Greenway

2020 has set records for recreational usage across the entire state of Washington. While it's great to see so many people connecting with nature, we are all witnessing the unfortunate impacts that come with overuse, such as an overabundance of trash. The Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust and partners have been working hard to spread the word about how to #RecreateResponsibly, and we're excited to present an opportunity for people to get out and make a difference: National Public Lands Day 2020! Considering the pandemic, we will not be hosting an in-person event as in past years. Instead, this year's focus will be on a simple individual action we can all take to address a BIG problem: trash. Because what better way to show public lands some love than by cleaning them up? From September 19-26, we are encouraging individuals to pitch in for public lands, by (safely) picking up trash from public lands. Because this is focused on individual work, members of the public have the option to stay close to home and pick up litter from a local neighborhood park or take supplies to clean up where they're already recreating out on the trails. Follow the links to learn more and pitch in!

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    During our Love Your Lands campaign (Sept. 19-26), we are encouraging individuals to go out and pick up trash from your favorite public spaces. This could be anywhere ranging from your favorite neighborhood park, to a more remote hiking trail, and anywhere in between. All public lands are important, and they all need YOUR help to keep them beautiful and accessible for future generations.