Exploring Boston and Beyond on the East Coast Greenway



  • Instructor East Coast Greenway Alliance

Imagine a place where cyclists, runners and walkers alike feel safe recreating close to home on car-free greenways and trails. Now imagine that same experience could extend along the entire East Coast, from Maine to Florida. This special live virtual event will bring to life the history and grand vision of the East Coast Greenway - a developing 3,000-mile, car-free multi-use trail. Hear from East Coast Greenway Alliance Executive Director Dennis Markatos-Soriano and New England Coordinator Kristine Keeney about the history, vision, advocacy, partnership and passion that drives this project. We will focus on the greenway in Boston traveling north to Maine and south to Connecticut & Rhode Island. Learn how to find the Greenway path closest to you and start planning your next adventure! We'll conclude with Q&A and info about how to get involved.

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