September's Emergency Preparedness Essentials - A Three Part Series

Emergency Preparedness Essentials is a three-part series designed to help you prepare for and respond to emergencies--including natural and man-made disasters. Learn the basics of identifying risks, prioritizing survival steps, planning for regional risks, and preparing a "Go Bag" as well as sheltering in place. In Preparing to Prepare, we will discuss philosophies and principles of readiness, including the Law of Threes and emergency prioritization. We will also cover how to plan for regional risks, and how to source emergency plans and contacts for your area. In Gearing Up, we will discuss the "Go Bag" and how to build one that meets you and your household's needs. We will also cover the "Get Home Bag" and other remote options for your place of business or your child's place of learning. In Hunkering Down, we will cover strategies to effectively shelter-in-place. Topics covered will include shelter specifics, food and water storage, seasonal and regional concerns, and how to locate resources in your area to help.

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