Mount Diablo State Park Summit Beacon--Eye of Diablo Webinar

Join Executive Director Ted Clement and John Gallagher, a long-time Save Mount Diablo volunteer and Beacon expert, for a presentation about the Mount Diablo State Park Summit Beacon. John Gallagher will talk about how Mount Diablo and specifically the "Eye of Diablo" Beacon has inspired us in so many ways. The "Eye of Diablo" has been much more than a simple bright light. Since its first lighting in 1928, the significance of the light has greatly changed. It was first a source of the pride of human achievement and commerce, and then a monument to those who served at Pearl Harbor in 1941. Today, it is a beacon of hope, something that unites us and reminds us to look to our mountain and nature, and something that thanks our heroes during these trying times.

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