Family Wilderness Survival


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$89 for non-members

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  • Fitness level 1 Relaxed
  • Minimum age 8
  • Group size 3 people

Perfect for any family that spends time together outdoors, this hands-on course in wilderness survival makes learning a blast for both young and old. The kids will love all the activities, and you'll love how quickly they gain the confidence to tackle any outdoor challenge. Learn how to build the best campfire, how to set up an emergency shelter, and how to hunt down drinking water in a pinch. We'll also cover the Ten Essentials, which will prepare you for almost anything you'll encounter while hiking or camping. And all throughout the day we'll share our top tips and strategies for dealing with whatever mother nature throws at you. The skills learned in this course will set your family up for a lifetime of thrilling, safe and unforgettable adventures outside. Hope you can join us!

  • Learn the 10 essentials and how to use them
  • Understand survival priorities
  • Practice building simple tarp shelters, filtering water, and starting a fire
  • Build confidence in your outdoor self-reliance skills

What to bring with you


You will receive a an email from our Experiences Team before your class. Participants in this class will not need to pay a park entry fee.

Map image of McKinney Roughs Nature Park

More directions and information

Please note that McKinney Roughs Nature Park is different than McKinney Falls State Park. Once you enter the park, you'll follow the park road for about 1/2 mile. Park in either parking lot near the park buildings. For questions, please email or call 512-482-3357, Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm. You will not need to pay an entrance fee, when participating in an REI class.