StrongEndurance: Build the foundations of performance

To get better at running, you've got to run. And more is better, up to a point. Eventually, more mileage stops helping, and that's when we look to cross-training. In the mission to go faster and further, and avoid injury, an intelligently programmed strength/endurance program is your secret weapon. Do you have enough base endurance, and a high enough aerobic threshold, in order to perform at your best? What does that mean, and why does it matter? What should you be doing in the gym, and why should you train in the gym, at all? Learn the strategies to make the most of your time on the trails, roads, and in the backcountry by maximizing your time in the gym. In this workshop you will learn the 5 keys to improving endurance sport performance which can (and should) be improved through a strength/endurance program, and receive a sample training program to get you started. Wasatch Fitness Academy is a community of individuals all looking to get better - better at sport and performance, fat loss, strength and conditioning, and injury prevention. Our students are climbers, skiers, runners, cyclists, and folks who don't call themselves "athletes."

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