Hear Her Out: International Women's Day Panel



  • Instructor Hosted by REI & Boston Speaks

In celebration of Women's History Month and International Women's Day, we've partnered with BostonSpeaks and Time Out Market in the creation of 'Hear Her Out': An International Women's Day Panel Discussion & Storytelling Event. The agenda includes curated networking, keynote speakers, a panel discussion and closing networking. Our panel discussion contributors are Sandra Y. Richter, CEO of Soofa, Kristin Van Busum, founder of Project Alianza and co-founder of WomenSpeaks, and Kelly McLay, Director, International Spartan and CEO of FIT. During the networking portion of the event, attendees are encouraged to share their untold stories of the outdoors. We want to hear anecdotes that range from the fearless women who scale mountains to the ones who find pure joy in gardening--and everything else in between. Share your story. Inspire the future. #ForceOfNature