The North Pole & Beyond

This light-hearted tour of John's polar expeditions takes you to the North Pole, the South Pole, Greenland, Baffin Island, and Ellesmere Island. His tales of achievements and mishaps include stories of sled dogs, polar bears, musk oxen, reindeer hair sleeping bags, the stealin' wolf, and the Arctic Ocean obstacle courseplus tips of the trade that can be applied to your own endeavors. Biography: John Huston is a professional polar explorer and veteran of the first American unsupported expedition to the North Pole. He has completed major expeditions to the South Pole, on Greenland and to Canada's fabled Ellesmere Island. John is a motivational speaker, safety and logistics consultant, outdoor equipment development consultant, and wilderness guide. He has appeared on CNN, the History Channel, National Public Radio and in Outside Magazine, and Popular Mechanics. John and his family on the outskirts of Boulder, Colorado. The event will include audience giveaways from Mystery Ranch backpacks and there will be food pairings with Backpacker's Pantry and Athletic Brewing (non-alcoholic).

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