Birding and Binoculars with Max Brown

What are the tools that you need to identify the birds in your backyard? Our resident birds in Georgia are beautiful and diverse. We describe the features that you need to know for identification. Georgia also offers a colorful array of migrating birds that pass through, so what should you watch for, and when, and where? Why does that woodpecker attack the metal panel on my house? We present behavior clues for identification. How can you identify birds by their songs and calls? Why did that mockingbird sound just like a wren? We can add the rich world of bird song to our love of nature. We introduce field guides, apps and binoculars. Here at REI, Nikon and Vortex binoculars offer a wide range of features. Should you choose compact, mid, or full size? How do you select for use in the backyard and on safari? Water proof, lens coatings, eye cups, diopters, power, close focus, objective lens - what do all these terms mean and how can you decide which binocular is the best one to use? Now is the best time to get ready for spring when we will have gorgeous birds singing in our backyards and on our beautiful Georgia hikes. So, join us on February 17th.

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