Journey of Discovery in the U.S. National Parks

In June 2016, Rita Naomi and her 7 year old son and drove across the U.S. from Maryland to the Grand Tetons. Their intention: to camp for 2 weeks and return home. Two weeks became 4, with several experiences happening that led to letting go of the constraints of their everyday suburban life and traveling on the road for the last 3 years in the US National Parks. From living in the Sonoran desert for 4 months, camping through the big 4's of Yosemite/Kings Canyon/Sequoia/Death Valley and all the big parks of the Southwest and the Pacific Northwest, they established connections with the natural environment, with others, and within themselves that led to healing chronic illness and living in accordance with what they value the most. They traveled many different routes, those of the Indigenous peoples and the pioneer; the techniques she used to live and balance while traveling and living outdoors are chronicled in her book: The Unconventional LIfe: How to Escape the Rat Race and Live your Dream. Join us!

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