Secrets of Aging Well: Get Outside presented by Martin Pazzani

Martin Pazzani is a fitness expert and mountaineer who has taken 100,000,000 uphill steps over five decades of travels and climbed major peaks on all seven continents. As a fitness executive and entrepreneur, his company is at the leading edge of using functional fitness and outdoor exercise to keep age 45+ bodies fit in both body and mind. As a mountaineer he has summited the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc five times each, Mount Washington over 50 times, was one of the early climbers of Mount Vinson in Antarctica (the most remote of the seven summits), and just returned from a 100-mile trek across Nepal to Everest Base camp. As a global business executive, he has given talks around the world and his book -- "Secrets of Aging Well: Get Outside" -- is out now, with a second one on the way. He believes hiking is the closest thing there is to The Fountain of Youth and wants to share what he's learned with the REI audience.

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