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Optimal Core Alignment While Walking or Hiking

  • 6:30 PM  –  8:30 PM
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  • Group size: 70
  • Instructor: Dr Melanie Carlone DPT MPT RYT

Modern day life is eroding our health. We are either sitting behind a desk or on our feet 24/7 at work. We try to reverse these effects by going to the gym or getting outside for exercise & enjoyment but we still feel lousy. Walking in shoes on hard flat surfaces takes us out of our natural alignment & can cause real pain. Our foot/body core forgets how to work together. Pain can settle anywhere: heels, feet, knees, hips, backs or jaws. Whether you are hiking or walking you should pay attention to your body's alignment. Dr Carlone, a 30 year physical therapist, engages people to sense their bodies & correct the stressful postures we live with. She'll provide hacks to daily life to make healthier postural choices & changes. Easy exercises & participant movements let people feel what changes are possible. Attendees come away understanding Optimal Alignment, functional medicine & re-discover their natural design in body & feet to move using core activated, stress-free postures.To register, visit the REI Eugene Store webpage More information can be found at

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