Recalibrate - Yoga with Lesli Shooter, MS

Recalibrate your physiology for optimal health and performance. This session will provide a challenging and uplifting experience that reinforces your body-mind connection to induce an adaptive physiological state. We will move through a series of postures that engage your optimal spinal alignment. Specifically, this yoga is designed to: Increase mobility, Build muscular strength, Improve flexibility, Enhance self-awareness, Reset the nervous system, Prevent injury, Heal old injuries, Access peace and clarity in life. Lesli is an applied exercise physiologist with over 15 years experience working with elite athletes and teams. She combines scientific principles with training and recovery strategies to help humans perform their best in all contexts. She has been consistently practicing yoga and meditation for over 10 years and finds this style of hatha-based yoga particularly beneficial for balancing the nervous system response to training and life stimuli. Her knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and human performance is creatively expressed in each class and she is passionate to share her expertise and help others work toward their optimal health and performance.

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