Orienteering Basics


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  • Group size 30 people
  • Instructor Aviad Fuchs

Orienteering exercises your mind as well as your body, you will often hear people call it "The Thinking Sport". Using a specially created and highly detailed map, a participant selects routes and navigates through diverse terrain in order to visit control points. Orienteering challenges you to read a map, make decisions, and plan a route, all while moving through the woods, across streams, over rocks or along scenic trails. Orienteering can be done leisurely or competitively, individually or in groups. Courses also can be enjoyed as a walk in the woods, with difficulty levels from beginner to expert offered at most events. In this class you will get an overview of this international sport, the maps in use and how to read them, compass usage, considerations in selecting routes, basic navigation techniques and an introduction to the Texas orienteering scene.About the instructor - Aviad Fuchs has over 20 years of experience in competitive orienteering, both in civil and military environments. He is the Public Outreach officer of the Austin Orienteering Club.

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    Austin-Gateway REI

    9901 N Capitol of Texas Hwy, Austin, TX 78759

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