Brokeman's #Optoutside Trail Run



  • Instructor Brokeman's Running Company

Collect memories, not things! Brokeman's is back in Lake Hope State Park and Zaleski National Forest for the annual #Optoutside Trail Run on Black Friday. This event will start and finish at the beach shelter house of Lake Hope State Park. The course will follow a 3.45 mile trail around Lake Hope, then cross the street into Zaleski State Forest. You will do a 9.9 mile loop in Zaleski, then head back around Lake Hope to the shelter house again. This is one loop. You will repeat this 2 or 3 times depending on the distance you sign up for. If you are doing the out and back only or adding onto the end of your 3 loops, you will run the 3.45 mile Lake Hope Trail out... and then back again.

    Map image of Lake Hope State Park

    More directions and information

    Please remember that ALL of our races are cup free. The water stations will NOT have cups at them. Please bring something to carry your water in.