Lets Build A Park



  • Minimum age 16
  • Instructor Protectors of Tule Springs

Thanks you for your support of Nevada's newest State Park! With your help, we'll continue to develop the trail system for Ice Age Fossils State Park. On November 16, 2019 Nevada State Parks will host a volunteer workday that will include trail building, litter cleanup, removal of invasive plant species, and more! Trail Building Volunteers will work under the direction of a Crew Chief to perform aspects of trail construction which may include clearing brush and debris from trail corridor; constructing new segments of trail, using shovels, picks, hoes, McLeods, rakes, wheelbarrows, measuring tapes, and other trade tools. The work performed requires physical effort. Participants routinely lift, push, pull, and carry items weighing 25 pounds, and up to 50 pounds (or more) with assistance. Work will require walking approximately a half mile to and from job sites. Litter Cleanup Volunteers will perform tasks necessary to clean up litter and may include varying degrees of physical exertion such as, but not limited to: standing for long periods of time; bending, crouching and stooping, stretching, reaching, lifting items weighing up to 20 pounds or similar activities.