Outdoor Research, Tiny Houses & Carving Time for our Dreams

10:00 AM  –  12:00 PM

Seattle REI

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  • Group size: 150
  • Instructor: Outdoor Research Ambassador

Long before there was a national crisis, the lack of affordable housing in ski resort towns was an everyday reality for the working class. Overcrowded apartments and overpriced rents have long been the norm in these places and it is no surprise that a movement based around living minimally in order to maximize life experience found early traction in these mountain communities. This is how veteran ski-bum Zack Giffin came to be no stranger to the van life when he first built the Outdoor Research Tiny House. Since then, he has helped tiny homes grow into a world-wide movement promoting small living and affordable, efficient housing. Tiny homes have gone from being treated as a "millennial fad" to a serious part of the national conversation regarding climate change and the housing crisis. Learn Zack's story and hear about the impact tiny homes can have on the affordable housing equation and then join a discussion about what the strain of the housing affordability does to the vibrancy of our communities and the ability to follow our dreams.

Seattle REI

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