Canine & Feline CPR & First Aid Certification

This class is designed to teach the average person how to administer emergency CPR and first aid to an animal until veterinary care can be ascertained. This is a lecture style class with a hands on session focused on CPR for dogs and cats. The skills and topics covered in this class include: - Safety techniques when working with sick and/or injured animals - How to perform emergency triage and assess if an animal is experiencing a life threatening medical emergency - How to restrain and properly transport sick and/or injured animals - How to provide emergency first aid to dogs and cats en-route to veterinary care - How to take vital signs (temperature, pulse, respiration, CRT) and determine normal vs abnormal readings - Learn about the importance of the pet first aid kit and how to use the materials in it during an emergency - How to manage and provide first aid for many common medical emergencies such as severe wounds, poisoning, burns, choking and more - How to performing the most current industry standard method of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation on dogs and cats (Participants will receive a PetCPR+ Certification valid for 2 years)

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