Northern Jaguar Project - A Year of Jaguars

Big cats need even bigger spaces where they can roam free from harm. The stunningly remote and exceedingly rugged Northern Jaguar Reserve provides a core sanctuary for wild cats in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands. When new jaguars appear on the reserve's motion-triggered cameras, the Northern Jaguar Project never knows if the cats are just passing through, or if these jaguars will make the reserve and surrounding protected areas home. Looking back on 2019, old jaguars like Zapatos, long-term residents like Libelula and Suki, and young jaguars like El Chetuviri have shown us they live here. These recent jaguar sightings, with stories of resilience and wanderings, are each remarkable. Join us at REI for an end-of-year review, by the Northern Jaguar Project, as they celebrate 2019's great accomplishments and conservations efforts of jaguars young and old!

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