Book reading-Shrouded Heritage: Island of the Blue Dolphins

Island of the Blue Dolphins is a fictional novel by Scott O'Dell about an "Indian" girl who survives alone on an island for 18 years. Its lead character, based on "The Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island," must overpower wild dogs and defy ancient customs in order to stay alive. Tom Holm will present his book Shrouded Heritage: Island of the Blue Dolphins which cites over 100 academic papers, mission records, ship logs, etc. to tell the true story of the "Lone Woman" and mankind's 12,000-year occupancy of California's San Nicolas Island. Likewise, it references oral accounts, ancient songs and religious beliefs of regional tribes to tell the full story. Holm's book laces together events and data with input from Native Peoples to reveal unique insights about California's ancient maritime cultures, which predate the Egyptians by 10,000 years. It also chronicles the daunting crusade to give the real-life person, whom O'Dell calls Karana, a true tribal name, a family, and her own voice 160 years after she was first branded "The Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island."

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