PowderStrong: Start training for your best-ever season


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  • Group size 15 people
  • Instructor Michael Krushinsky

Being ready for the winter sports season is more than just keeping up your endurance from your running and cycling through the summer, it's also preparing your hips and knees for long days. That's true whether your riding the resorts or skinning up in the backcountry. Strength is protective. With strength comes more endurance, lower risk of injury, and faster recovery when things do go wrong. But strength for skiing isn't just squats and lunges. We've got to look at the whole body, and we need to find our weaknesses so we can build them up, and not let them hold us back. This workout will get you started towards your best-ever season, enjoying long days and strong legs from the first snow to the last. Wasatch Fitness Academy is a community of individuals all looking to get better - better at sport and performance, fat loss, strength and conditioning, and injury prevention. Our students are climbers, skiers, runners, cyclists, and folks who don't call themselves "athletes." We're weekend warriors, race winners, and parents.