Best Kept Secret, Wilderness Recreation on the Klamath

The Klamath National Forest encompasses 1.7 million acres of rugged mountains, including all or part of five Wilderness Areas (among them the Siskiyou, Marble Mountain, and Russian Wildernesses). We have multiple Wild and Scenic Rivers, myriad rare and endemic species, and crystal-clear alpine lakes and steams; it's an outdoor enthusiast's paradise. Yet many who live near the Klamath have never heard of it, let alone explored it. Our remote trailheads may take some work to access, but you're guaranteed an experience of wildness, challenge, and solitude unlike any other. Here, you can often quite literally have the forest to yourself. Wilderness Ranger Kelly Ramsey will share maps, suggested routes, and navigation tips for enjoying the trails and waterways of the Klamath. From multi-day whitewater trips to the summit of Preston Peak to the glacier-fed lagoon of Grizzly Lake, the Klamath is the outdoors mecca you never knew existed.

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