The Jr. Triple Crown w/ Jim Rahtz

6:30 PM  –  8:30 PM

Cincinnati REI

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  • Group size: 30
  • Instructor: Jim Rahtz

For those that aspire to take an epic thru-hike, but can't commit months to the experience, there are other options. In fact, there is a "Triple Crown" of shorter hikes that provide much of the same tremendous scenery and adventure as their longer cousins, but are achievable for those with families, careers and perhaps a lot of years under their belts. Come along with Jim Rahtz as he tackles this Jr. version. Walk the Colorado Trail as it shares a path with the Continental Divide Trail through the Rockies. Visit the most iconic sights of the Pacific Crest Trail through hiking the John Muir Trail. While on the Long Trail, climb Stratton Mountain, where the idea for the Appalachian Trail was conceived.

Cincinnati REI

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