AT Day Hikers' Guide GA, NC, and TN-By Carol Steiner


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  • Group size 20 people
  • Instructor Carol Steiner-Author

Is hiking the Appalachian Trail on your bucket list? But, sleeping in the woods and lugging a heavy backpack not on your list? Join Carol as she describes the fun, surprises, and challenges she and Jim have day hiking 950 miles of the Appalachian Trail in all fourteen states. You will laugh as she tells you about a few mishaps that occur when the day hike did not go exactly as planned. You will delight in the treasures they find along the Trail and the gems they discover in the A. T. Communities. Carol shares with you her three keys for successful day hikes: Be Physically and Mentally Ready for the Hike; Learn, as much as possible, about each hike; and Plan the Logistics for each Hiking Trip in Detail. For them, every day hiking trip is an opportunity to relax in the solitude of the Appalachian Mountains, marvel at the treasures in nature, share stories with other hikers, and enjoy the fine wine, accommodations, and gems in the A.T. Communities.

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