Hike Like A Woman: Basics of Day Hiking

Hike Like A Woman is a community of outdoor women sharing experiences on and off the trails. Crystal Osborn has been guiding and leading day hikes here in Central Florida for over two years, and she teaches this class to help people who are new to hiking to learn the basics they will need to enjoy hiking on the trails. In this class we will go over everything from planning your hike, what kind of pack to use, first aid/emergency kits, personal protection, how to not get dehydrated, trail etiquette (LNT - Leave No Trace), how to properly use the bathroom on the trail, and hiking with your dog! Crystal will have all of her hiking equipment so you can see examples of what you will need or what you can slowly accumulate over time. "What if we stopped listening to people telling us what we can't do and started listening to us, telling ourselves what we can do?" - Hike Like A Woman Manifesto

Looks like no sessions are scheduled right now. Please bookmark this page and check back soon.