"The Strange Case of the Invisible Panel" with SNRAA

In October 2017, a previously unknown Barrier Canyon Style pictograph panel was discovered in the Robbers Roost area of southeast Utah. (People have been hiking past it for many years without noticing anything on the canyon walls there.) The panel is billboard size -- 70 feet long x 15 feet high in places -- making it one of the largest BCS panels known to exist. On the other hand, the archaic images are faint and barely visible to the human eye. Fortunately the panel responds quite well to Photoshop and Dstretch -- revealing for the first time, dozens of new and detailed BCS figures. This presentation will look at the background and discovery of the panel; then demonstrate the near magical capabilities of our modern photo-editing software. And lastly, the presentation will include a photo round-robin, comparing elements of the new panel with other well-known BCS panels, and hopefully conclude with a "best fit" in terms of age, motif, and artistic style.

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