Appalachain Trail Restoration- Big Bald Overnight



  • Instructor Carolina Mountain Club

Individuals, groups, and families are welcome to sign up and be partnered with veteran Trail Maintainers to spend the day having a hands on experience working to rehabilitate the trail in a sustainable condition for generations to come. No experience necessary! You will be matched with a skilled maintainer according to your interests and abilities. You will spend the weekend on a beautiful section of trail while working on the fabled A.T. The work group will be limited to about 30 participants. Youth of all ages are welcome, but must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. CMC will provide safety instructions, supervision, training, and tools for the tasks you are assigned. //CONTACT// CMC AT Supervisor Paul Curtin at: for questions. //CAMPING//There are many tent sites available on the bald. Those who wish to hammock will need to go into the nearby forest. Bring enough water for the weekend as there is no water near by our camping area. Bring food for 1 breakfast, 2 lunches, snacks, and dinner. Bring a change of clothes! // REGISTER// Fill in form completely, in additional notes section type N/A, the page will refresh after you submit.

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    Meet at the National Forest Office to Carpool & Registration