K9 Outdoor Safety and Fun

Dogs are the perfect outdoor companions. They are always up for an adventure. Obedience class is beneficial, but applying it to the numerous distractions nature offers can be challenging. Come learn some tricks of the trade at home, in everyday life, and on the trails that will make a world of difference in the outdoor experience. Come find out how to bridge the gap between the controlled environment of Obedience class and the out of control outdoor world causing an extraordinary human/K9 outdoor experience. Ashley is a dog trainer and outdoor enthusiast. Before dog training, she worked in forestry. She spent 8+ years hiking through the woods with her loyal K9 companion, Ella, and earned her Registered Professional Forester's license in 2012. She also has 7 years experience as a Wilderness Search and Rescue K9 Handler. She and her K9 partner, Popeye, are a Certified Wilderness Search Team through Monterey Bay Search Dogs. In the beginning, she had the same concerns many dog owners do. What to do when encountering other people, other dogs, and critters? Over the years she has gone from hiking on eggshells to hitting the trails with confidence, grace, and ease.

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