Meet the authors of Set Sail and Live Your Dreams

As a young married couple, Bruce and April decided to go looking for a little adventure. With limited sailing experience they hopped on a sailboat bound for Tahiti, and after two years returned home with a burning passion to rediscover paradise on a boat of their own, this next time as a family. Discover how you too can live your dream of adventure as you follow the authors planning and preparations for their voyage that would eventually span 7 countries and 10 years. Join them as they set sail on their small sailboat with their two young daughters and confront their biggest fears. Follow in their wake as they grapple with the challenges of homeschooling and the not so glamorous realities of maintaining and living afloat on 33-feet. From the terror of almost losing their boat on a reef and surviving a hurricane to idyllic times anchored off deserted islands they discover that paradise is not a destination but the journey itself.

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