LGBTQ+ Series: Map and Compass Navigation - Bay Area

9:00 AM  –  1:00 PM

China Camp State Park, Marin County: Village Beach


  • Fitness level  2: Easy Active
  • Skill level  2: Intermediate
  • Group size: 1

Looking to get further off the beaten path and interested in doing so with your fellow LGBTQ+ friends and family? Join REI for this hands-on class that will expand your backcountry navigation toolbox. We'll build on skills you learned in Introduction to Map and Compass so you can take on more challenging navigation problems. You'll learn techniques for effective route planning, methods for navigating around obstacles encountered en route and relocation strategies in case you get lost. Participants should have previous navigation experience such as an REI Introduction to Map and Compass class or working knowledge of reading a topographic map, using a compass to take a bearing from a map, and navigating with a map and compass.

  • Review Identifying Terrain Features and taking and following a compass bearing
  • Learn advanced route planning techniques, including check points, attack points, handrails and backstops
  • Learn to use 'Dead Reckoning' Navigation with a compass and a pace count to navigate around obstacles
  • Learn how to develop strategies to correct for being lost.

China Camp State Park, Marin County: Village Beach

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Pay $5 at the pay station in the village. Meet us at the south end of the beach near the green shack.