Women's Essential Camping Skills

8:30am12:30pm Central Time
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$59 for REI Members

$69 for non-members

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  • Fitness level 1 Relaxed
  • Group size 9 people
  • Instructor REI Experiences Guide

Getting ready to spend the night out in a tent? Join REI'S professional instructors on this one day course to learn how to make a comfortable home for yourself in the wild. Whether backpacking or car camping, having a great day and getting a good night's rest in the outdoors comes down to having the right tent, sleeping system, stove, and gear storage. To learn the fundamentals, we'll hike with all of our gear to a mock campsite where we'll practice setting up camp. Our instructors will show you where to position your kitchen area, food storage, tent site, and bathroom facilities for maximum safety and comfort, all while following the Leave No Trace Principles.You'll learn how to tackle women's specific hygiene issues and other practical camping skills for use in every situation, from car camping to long-distance backpacking.

  • Learn to identify and build a campsite using the principles of Leave No Trace
  • Practice setting up a camp kitchen, tent, and critter-proofing your food storage
  • Learn about the gear needed for backpacking and systems for carrying it effectively

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Private Experiences Available on Weekdays Price $260 Book a private session and you'll get this experience for just you and your group of family or friends. Enjoy more one-on-one time with your guide or instructor and more flexibility on date and time choices. The price for each private session covers everything needed for up to four people to participate in the class or activity. If fewer than four people participate, the price doesn't change. Email us at Austin-os@rei.com.

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Enter the park on McKinney Falls Pkwy. Let the park staff know that you are attending the REI class. Continue to follow the park entrance road, and turn right towards the Homestead Trailhead parking lot (also called the Lower Falls Parking Lot). Our instructor will meet you at the Homestead Trailhead. For questions, please call 877-819-3811 Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm or email Austin-OS@rei.com.