Chi Sessions: Improving Outdoor Activity with Danny Dreyer

Outdoor activity shouldn't hurt your body, it's the WAY you move that can cause problems. The two biggest causes of all fitness injuries are overuse of muscles and too much impact to your joints. Both of these can be identified and managed through the mindful movement techniques taught in the Chi method. In this free Chi Series, Danny Dreyer, founder of ChiRunning (and Asheville local) will talk about how to train, condition, and strengthen sustainably. Integrating Chi methods in a way that'll keep you moving and feeling fabulous for years to come whether walking, running, hiking, or cross-training. Come with any of your own training questions, and be prepared to get energized by adding a mindful approach to your fitness practice! Each Month Danny will discuss a new topic. Check out the notes below for this month's focus.

Looks like no sessions are scheduled right now. Please bookmark this page and check back soon.