Force of Nature: Women's Self-Defense Part 1: Awareness

  • Participants

    Age 16 and up

Prepare. Be aware. Know your options!!! Increase your awareness, live safer and be empowered! Explore strategies for recognizing & preventing violence before it happens. Use Habits of Awareness to identify risky people & places and learn methods to discourage attackers. Because life doesn't always go as planned, you'll also learn how to use physical defenses when necessary. This class is taught by Dawn Armstrong, a 3rd Degree Black Belt and the Founder of ThinkSafe Seminars. An avid traveler and lifelong student of the martial arts, Dawn offers a comprehensive program designed to equip her students with specific situational awareness skills needed to recognize and avoid physical altercations. This class is offered in a presentation/discussion format, with the availability for hands-on application of basic self-defense moves against the most common attacks such as grabs, pushes, etc.

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