Intro to Bike Touring: Low-cost, local, and longer options

6:30 PM  –  8:00 PM

Bloomington REI

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  • Instructor: REI Member Steven Malikowski

Cyclists who go on bike tours are different than other cyclists in a few ways. First, they're less concerned with speed than they are with enjoying the sights. They also go a little further than most--for dozens, hundreds, or thousands of miles. Those distances may seem long, but the speed is slow and steady. And last, cyclists who tour enjoy stopping for pictures, wonderful sights, and treats--like ice cream. This workshop will focus on simple, short, and low-cost bike tours in the Twin Cities area. One way to keep costs down is using a bike and camping gear you already have. One piece of gear you probably don't have is panniers, which are like saddlebags for bikes. The class will describe a low-cost, and fun, option for panniers to get started. Those panniers are made from kitty litter pails, which have been used on cross-country rides. And of course, you could try the low cost panniers and buy better ones later. Anyone attending this workshop will be invited to join relaxing weekend rides this summer, near the Twin Cities. Steven Malikowski will lead this class. He has cycled across the UK, US, and in other countries. In total, he's toured for over 6,000 miles. On front patio.

Bloomington REI

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