Discover Diablo: Hiking in the Diablo Range

Part conservation story, part recreational tips: Mount Diablo is one of California's most important landmarks, with a rich cultural and natural history. It's part of a network of open spaces championed by Save Mount Diablo--which has helped expand preserved lands to over 120,000 acres. It's also the namesake peak of the Diablo Range extending 150 miles south, and California's Next Big Conservation Story. Seth Adams, SMD's Land Conservation Director and one of the creators of the Diablo Trail, will be your guide to the Diablo Trail and to tell you about other prime Diablo hiking spots. He'll introduce you to SMD's Audible Mount Diablo series of hiking guides. And he'll clue you into California's best kept outdoor secret, the little-known Diablo Range. Save Mount Diablo was formed in 1971 when there was just one park high on Mt. Diablo, the 6,788 acre State Park. Forty-eight years later there are fifty parks totaling more than 120,000 acres--an area bigger than Point Reyes National Seashore or the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. SMD acquires land, responds to development proposals and does everything from building trails to reintroducing rare species to Mt. Diablo.

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