Presidential Peaks of the White Mountains

8:00 AM  –  4:00 PM

Mount Jefferson - Caps Ridge Trailhead


  • Fitness level  4: Vigorous
  • Skill level  2: Intermediate
  • Group size: 1

New Hampshire is home to an incredible 48 peaks over 4,000', with 8 of them packed into the iconic Presidential Range. Join REI and find the right balance of adventure and reward as we tick off Presidential summits. Prior hiking experience is recommended but this is an excellent opportunity to break into above-tree-line hiking. Along the way you will learn about the unique weather, geology, and ecology of these beautiful pinnacles as well as skills and tricks necessary to start tackling the rest of the 48.

  • Enjoy lush forests, babbling brooks and stunning views while hiking at a moderate pace
  • Enjoy the camaraderie of fellow hiking enthusiasts
  • Learn tips and tricks for above-tree-line hiking
  • Learn about the unique weather and ecology of the Alpine Zone


Plan to meet your instructors at the venue, look for the REI sign. There is a $5.00 cash fee for parking. This is an objective-based program, and although we try our best to adhere to advertised course end times they are always subject to change due to factors beyond our control. Your instructors may decide to turn back due to weather, safety concerns, timing, or group well-being. This is a full day commitment and you may arrive back at the trailhead earlier or later than advertised.

Mount Jefferson - Caps Ridge Trailhead

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