Bigfoot 101 for Western North Carolina, and the Appalachian

Christian MacLeod (The Cryptid Guy) the Director of the Asheville Cryptid Society LLC, and host of the Coast to Coast AM featured podcast Fringe Investigations. Will discuss Cryptids in the Western North Carolina area, and elsewhere around the world. With over 23 years of research experience, Christian MacLeod will also advise people who are interested in becoming Cryptid researchers. There will be a 45-minute PowerPoint presentation, followed by personal experiences that The Cryptid Guy has witnessed and experienced. The final portion of the event will be a 2-part segment 30 minutes each. The first part will be the audience's personal experiences discussing the events that they have witnessed. The second part will consist of questions from the audience for The Cryptid Guy and his team. People attending the event will also be instructed on what to bring while researching and where they can buy it, and how being an REI member is beneficial for a Cryptid researcher.

Looks like no sessions are scheduled right now. Please bookmark this page and check back soon.