Wilderness Safety Training (2-Day Course)

  • Fitness level: 1


You're ready to go deeper into the outdoors-but it takes more than luck to get home safely. While risks can't be eliminated from the wilderness, they can be managed for safer adventures. In this 2-day classroom course, a NOLS instructor will teach you the necessary skills for trip planning, identifying life-threatening hazards, outdoor leadership and decision-making, outdoor emergency response, and how to make the most of post-trip learning opportunities. When you start a trip with a plan, you can focus on having fun instead of managing unexpected problems. When you're able to identify hazards, injuries are less likely. And if something goes wrong despite all your preparation, having handrails and outdoor emergency plans sets you up for an effective response. Appropriate for all experience levels, this course is relevant for outdoor enthusiasts, guides, and trip leaders who may venture beyond the reach of traditional emergency services (places with unreliable cell service, poorly maintained roads or none at all, etc.). NOLS is the leader in wilderness education and has been managing risks in remote corners of the globe for over 50 years.

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