Chicago Backpackers Club Monthly Meetup



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Chicago Backpackers is a club for those who love backpacking. We provide opportunities to learn about the sport, join trips, and get to know other backpackers. We practice low-impact, leave no trace backpacking following Leave No Trace principles ( Our trips usually consist of 6 to 12 people to minimize the impact we will have on our favorite locations and new trails, to keep them as fresh as possible for ourselves and other backpackers. This is our regular monthly meeting and social gathering. We will do a quick review of the club for any newcomers followed by a Trail Talk (trip report) from one of our organizers. Our Trail Talk series includes big trips to popular destinations as well as places closer to home. Come get to know the club, hear about our experiences, and maybe add a new trail to your wish list! The club organizes trips and events through

    Activity location

    Lincoln Park REI

    905 West Eastman St, Chicago, IL 60642

    Map image of Lincoln Park REI