Arctic Solitaire: A Boat, A Bay and the Quest for the Perfect Bear

Photographer Paul Souders considered himself a lucky guy. He traveled the world and got paid to take pictures. He led a comfortable life, ending most days with a cold martini and home-cooked meal. So how did he find himself in the Arctic, on a small boat struggling to find his way across more than a thousand miles of remote shores on Canada's Hudson Bay? It was all for a picture. Paul had often dreamed of photographing the North's most iconic animal, the polar bear. He wanted to turn his lens on these utterly wild creatures at the top of the food chain. Arctic Solitaire is Paul's evocative story of misadventure exploring the unpredictable Arctic wilderness. It began with a simple plan: take his 22-foot boat, the C-Sick, to Hudson Bay where he would travel alone in Arctic waters, searching for bears in the pack ice. Through humorous and sometimes white-knuckled misadventures, his search was rewarded: the pack ice brought dozens of walrus and polar bears. For a few magical days, wildlife and photo opportunities surrounded him. Paul shares his story with self-deprecating humor about his missteps--even as he recognizes that the most charmed life has its limits.

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