Cross Country Skate Ski Waxing Workshop

6:00 PM  –  8:00 PM

Madison REI

Registration closed

  • Group size: 3
  • Instructor: REI Specialist

Cross country skate skis should be hot waxed at least once a season. If you're feeling sluggish on the snow or sticky in your skating, it might be time for a fresh coat of glide wax. In this hands-on workshop you'll learn how to select the best wax for your conditions, how to apply a fresh coat of wax, and how to ensure you have a great day on the trails. Bring your own set of cross country skate skis, and leave with a freshly waxed base so all you need is a bit of kick, and you're all set to get back out onto the snow. No prior experience needed.

Madison REI

7483 W Towne Way, Madison, WI 53719

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