Cross Country Skate Ski Waxing Workshop


$35 for REI Members

$55 for non-members


  • Group size 4 people
  • Instructor REI Specialist

Cross country skate skis should be hot waxed at least once a season. If you're feeling sluggish on the snow or sticky in your skating, it might be time for a fresh coat of glide wax. In this hands-on workshop you'll learn how to select the best wax for your conditions, how to apply a fresh coat of wax, and how to ensure you have a great day on the trails. Bring your own set of cross country skate skis, and leave with a freshly waxed base so all you need is a bit of kick, and you're all set to get back out onto the snow. No prior experience needed.

    Activity location

    Lincoln Park REI

    905 West Eastman St, Chicago, IL 60642

    Map image of Lincoln Park REI