Trailside Bike Repair Workshop

6:00 PM  –  8:00 PM

Asheville REI

Registration closed

  • Group size: 4
  • Instructor: REI Bike Tech

Don't let a surprise on the trail cancel your ride! Before you hit a snag on your next ride, learn to basics of trailside repair so you're not left out and unprepared. Join REI's expert bike techs for this hands-on workshop addressing the most common trailside issues. Busted chains, noisy drivetrains, and broken spokes are all on the agenda with plenty of get-your-hands-dirty chances to practice along the way. Bring your own bike or practice on one of ours.


This session is the fourth part of a series. For the best experience we recommend taking Bike Workshops in this order: Flat Tire Repair, Chains & Derailleurs, and lastly Trailside Bike Repair. All Bike Workshops require a bike in working condition. To have the best learning outcomes and to ensure we can work with your ride please contact our Bike Shop at (828) 687-0918. As a reminder, you can bring your bike to REI for a free safety diagnostic and repair estimate at any time.

Asheville REI

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