Bike Chains and Derailleurs Workshop


$40 for REI Members

$60 for non-members

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  • Group size 4 people
  • Instructor REI Specialist

A well-tuned bike can help make your riding smooth and efficient. Grinding gears, rubbing derailleurs, and squeaky chains are your bike's cry for help. Ready to learn how to prevent or eliminate these annoyances from your beloved bike? Join REI's expert bike techs for a workshop on how to care for and maintain your bike's derailleurs and chain. We'll tune derailleurs, adjust barrel adjusters, and diagnose common chain issues. Along the way, you'll learn best practices for care and cleaning with plenty of get-your-hands-dirty chances to practice. Bring your own bike or practice on one of ours.


    This session is the second part of a series. For the best experience we recommend taking Bike Workshops in this order: Flat Tire Repair, Chains & Derailleurs, and lastly Trailside Bike Repair. All Bike Workshops require a bike in working condition. To have the best learning outcomes and to ensure we can work with your ride please contact our Bike Shop at (828) 687-0918. As a reminder, you can bring your bike to REI for a free safety diagnostic and repair estimate at any time.

    Activity location

    Asheville REI

    31 Schenck Parkway, Asheville, NC 28803

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