Sea Otter Kayak Tour

9:00 AM  –  1:00 PM

Elkhorn Slough: Moss Landing Public Boat Launch


  • Fitness level  2: Easy Active
  • Skill level  1: Beginner
  • Minimum age: 14
  • Group size: 1

The cutest animal in Monterey Bay has found it's home in the Elkhorn Slough thanks to ample conservation efforts. This tour will wind through the slough as we hope to see these protected otters and other wildlife in their natural habitat. The best way to witness these amazing animals? From the quiet calm of a kayak gliding along the river outlet as it meets the sea. This mellow paddle is perfect for anyone age 14 and up - no previous paddling experience required! We'll bring all the necessary gear and go over kayaking basics before getting started. Come see some of Earth's finest creatures with cheery and adventurous new friends. It's going to be so much fun!

  • Enjoy a great day on the water
  • View incredible marine wildlife in a natural environment

Elkhorn Slough: Moss Landing Public Boat Launch

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Parking costs $8.00 for the day.