Swimming Holes of California

Grab your camera, hiking shoes & head out to discover some of the most breathtaking swimming holes in the state of California. Rock carved granite tubs, secluded waterfalls, clear emerald pools & natural waterparks with monolithic rock slides are some of the pristine jewels disclosed within the pages. GPS & Google Earth users will be pleasantly surprised by the extreme thoroughness & accuracy of the directions. Each of the swimming holes have been rated & evaluated & there is a description of nearby restaurants, restrooms, water temperature, hike difficulty, accessibility, family & dog friendliness. When it comes to swimming holes, we can define pros in a variety of ways. You may have already purchased this book's predecessor, Swimming Holes of California, and visited many of its swimming holes. This makes you a pro based on experience. Another type of pro seeks out swimming holes with cliffs for jumping, while other pros like to backpack miles into the wilderness in search of freedom and solitude. Whether you enjoy one or all of the above activities, we've designed this book to meet your needs. No matter which pro option you pursue, this book will have something for you.

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