Navigation with Map and GPS

This class will introduce you to the various skills and techniques to effectively utilize a map and GPS to navigate on your next adventure. Course information will be presented indoors, followed by a short field session at the end of the course to practice the skills learned. Information will be presented to work with both map and GPS to effectively navigate on your next outdoor adventure. You'll learn how to enter waypoints, use the tracklog on your GPS, and transfer information between the unit and your map. If you own a GPS unit, please bring it. Class will finish with a short field session to practice skills learned in classroom.. You'll practice pinpointing your location, marking waypoints, plotting courses and creating routes in the outdoors. Learn to transfer information from the GPS to your map and from the map to the GPS. If you own a GPS unit, please bring it to get detailed instruction on its features. We recommend you attend a Map and Compass Basics class, or have a solid understanding of map and compass skills, prior to this outing.

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  • Thursday

    Jun 15, 2023
    4:00pm–6:00pm PDT

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    West Des Moines REI