Moonlit Hiking Tour & Bonfire


$29 for REI Members

$39 for non-members

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  • Fitness level 2 Easy Active
  • Skill level 1 Beginner
  • Group size 12 people

Discover the magic of a moonlit hike, when even the most familiar trails reveal sights and sounds they only share with the cool, quiet night. The trails of Lebanon Hills wind through lush trees and make their way past countless lakes to reflect the light of the moon from their still waters. This hike is perfect for anyone - no hiking experience required - though you'll need to feel comfortable walking on uneven terrain for about 4 miles. We'll finish the hike by a roaring bonfire with plenty of hot cocoa. You bring the hiking boots, we'll bring the headlamps.

  • Explore the many lakes of Lebanon Hills
  • Hike at night under the light of the moon
  • End the night with a roaring bonfire and hot cocoa

What to bring with you

Map image of Lebanon Hills - Jensen Lake Trailhead

More directions and information

Questions? Call our Local Experiences team at 1-877-819-3810 or email us at We will meet in the parking lot near the picnic shelter.