Outdoor Survival Basics

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  • Fitness level 1 Relaxed
  • Skill level 1 Beginner
  • Group size 4 people

Do you know what to do if something goes awry on your next outdoor excursion? During this class you will learn practical tips and strategies that every outdoor traveler should know. We'll cover the 10 essentials and their practical applications. You'll also learn about emergency priorities, how to make an emergency shelter, how to locate and access drinking water, and how to start a fire. This class is designed for anyone who spends time outside and wants to build their confidence with outdoor skills.

  • Learn the 10 essentials and how to use them
  • Understand Survival Priorities
  • Practice building simple tarp shelters, filtering water, and starting a fire
  • Build confidence in your outdoor self-reliance skills

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You will receive a reminder email 72 hours before your class. Participants in this class will not need to pay a park entry fee.

Map image of McKinney Roughs Nature Park

More directions and information

Please note that McKinney Roughs Nature Park is different than McKinney Falls State Park. Once you enter the park, you'll follow the park road for about 1/2 mile. Park in either parking lot near the park buildings. For questions, please email Austin-OS@rei.com or call 512-482-3357, Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm. You will not need to pay an entrance fee, when participating in an REI class.